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Brains, Beauty and an Amazing RACK

What do you get when you combine incredible talent, extreme beauty, and amazing intelligence? The RACK STARZ! These are athletes who possess amazing attributes destined to tame the savage beast - or at least save him. Rack Starz is a group of brilliant and beautiful women poised to reinvent the game of pool, bring it into the mainstream and create a sensation that will captivate the country and the world.

In 2011 the game of pool is coming out of the smoke-filled back room and into the limelight. Lying ahead is a once in-a-life-time opportunity to capitalize on the potential of an extraordinary revolution so incredible and dynamic, you won't want to miss it! The women of Rack Starz are the hottest thing to happen to pool since, well ... Nothing!

Jackie Gleason got your attention; Paul Newman and Tom Cruise made pool cool, but the Rack Starz are poised to make pool bigger than the WWF and larger than life. The astounding Licensing, Reality Television, and International Marketing opportunities will make this a Brand recognized around the World.

There is nothing hotter than a sexy woman bending over a pool table to take a shot, but the women of Rack Starz crank up the temperature to a steady boil. When the players are also well-educated and conscientious, you have a winning and marketable combination and contradiction that no one will be able to get enough of.

With the recent surge of interest in pool, girls and young women are taking up the sport in record numbers, making televised women's billiards more popular than men's. The women of Rack Starz are perfectly positioned to create a viral phenomenon and frenzy that people will be desperate to be a part of.

The Rack Starz are a diverse group of beautiful, educated women from all over the World brought together by their passion for the game of pool. Men love the women of Rack Starz, women idolize them, and no one can get enough of them! These athletes are already being sought out for television and personal appearances, and are quickly becoming a household name. They have created an insatiable desire for more with their "Shoot to Thrill, Play to Kill" approach.

The women of Rack Starz came together because of their love of the game and take everything they do very seriously. They all share a no-nonsense, take no prisoners attitude and they want the world to know it. These extremely talented ladies are quickly becoming the Rock Stars of the billiards world and are truly a dominant force to be reckoned with.

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